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Aluminum    Windows

We are dedicated to making your home more beautiful, comfortable, and valuable through our award-winning workmanship. Expect our commitment to using only the highest quality windows and materials in every job we handle, to remaining up-to-date with the latest industrial innovations, and to going about our work with the utmost professionalism.

Sierra Pacific Series


Whether you're fitting a mansion or a small urban home, Sierra Pacific builds everything from expansive custom windowscapes to high-quality standard size windows with extraordinary performance.

Sierra pacific ALUMINUM types



Designed to be open to the outside even when it's raining, our awning windows look and perform beautifully, each custom made by hand to your exact specifications. They are often used alone or beneath a large picture window for ventilation.



Give your home one-of-a-kind individuality with unique window shapes to light up your room and imagination. Use them alone or in combination with our operating windows and patio doors.

Styles include CA and WI.

Styles include Aspen, Sedona, Standard, and Urban.

Single and Double Hung

WindowAluminumCladWoodSingle and Double Hung.png

Modern engineering and construction give our classic single & double hung window designs thoroughly updated efficiency and performance.

Bays & Bows


For a design with more character, our multi-pane bay and bow window configurations make rooms feel larger and invite the beauty of the outdoors inside.

Styles include CA and WI.



Sierra Pacific casement windows are the perfect choice for top-to-bottom, unobstructed views and wide-open ventilation. Use them alone or in combination with other window types and shapes. Their smooth action and ability to compliment any architectural style will make them one of your favorites.

Horizontal Sliders

For areas that need to be kept clear of open windows, or simply for their elegant lines and smooth operation, our space-saving horizontal sliders offer a more contemporary look than a traditional double hung window.


Styles include Aspen, Sedona, Standard, Standard Pushout and Urban.

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